Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Best Book Club Ever

Today Julie sent me an email. She had put a list together of all the books that we had read as a book club and who had hosted each meeting. She was emailing me to fill in any gaps that she couldn't remember. Attached to the email was the list and at the top she had titled it, "The Best Book Club Ever." I knew that I was going to start this blog and I had been wondering what to call it, so when I read Julie's list title, I knew. This book club has meant so much to me and I am so grateful for the wonderful women that I have gotten to know through our discussions each month. My hope is that each of them will be a part of this blog and we'll be able to extend the great experiences we have together. I picture it as a place to share new books that we've discovered, bring up old topics that we've discussed but we want to expound upon, share insights, or whatever else we can think of to share. I sure love you, ladies! Here's to our new blog.


  1. Kim, thanks for setting up the blog. I am looking forward to book group this week. Julie, thanks for keeping track of all the books we've read. I enjoyed looking over the list of books we have discussed together-so many great memories. -Kerri


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